Monday, November 06, 2006

Stash Reduction: Everything but the kitchen sink

Well, maybe that too.

My latest foray into reducing household clutter:

I realize this isn't really a reduction of clutter so much as a relocation (i.e. from the sink to the counter), but still a pile of clean dishes on the counter is much less unsightly (and smelly) than a festering pile in the sink.

I'm giving myself 27 points, one point for each item, plus 10 points for finally getting it done already. I may even award myself points for putting the dishes away. In a few days.


Peanut said...

Hmmm. That's a good idea. I can give myself points for emptying the dishwasher and doing something with the multitude of dirty dishes that have been accumulating. Most excellent.

Also, nice work.

Tarimisu said...

Wow! In that case, I can give myself a gazillion (at least) points today! I swept, mopped, dusted, cleaned the kitchen (including doing the dishes) and put in some laundry AND vacuumed!!!! If that's not a reduction (of dirt, grime, and dust) I don't know what is. I'm so happy to know that I can get points for so many different things!!!!! Does taking out the trash count too?

Boss said...

Tari -- absolutely. If it makes you feel better to have it done, it counts.

Pooka said...

I think it's so fun that you TOOK A PICTURE of how it looks when it's all done. I'm very addicted to that kind of thing. Harvey thinks it's just nuts for me to stand there and look at the kitchen when it finally gets all clean, memorizing how it looks -- but hey, someone has to witness that it actually got there once in its life. A picture would save so much time! Give yourself points for finding the camera, and having batteries,...

Crazy Horse Lady said...

Dear Point Princess (aka guru of Uncluttering),

I need a consultation. I'm not sure how many points I get! Yesterday, I finished building a fence. Factors that weigh into the point total:

1) It was 400 feet long
2) We had to cement big wooden posts every 20 feet or so
3) We strung 3 wires that we had to tighten with rachets (aka Mr. tightener guys) and then crimp the wires (with what we were calling by the end of the day: crimpettes)
4) We then had to take down all the metal panels that made up the old fence (which were wired to each other and had rusted together)
5) THEN we had to take the bobcat (by this time it was dark) and pull all the old rusty T-posts out of the ground so the horsies wouldn't run into them in the dark.

The kicker -- for which I think I should get bonus points for injury -- I threw my back out in the process.

So... Point Princess, what did I earn? I realize that a photo would help, maybe once I can bend over again to get my camera out of the drawer I will take a photo. :)


Crazy Horse Lady

Barbra said...

Ooooh, cool! I can get points for everytime I do dishes! Extra points if I really clean the stove too and not just do my two sprays of Lime Windex. Fantabulous.


The balancing of that pyrex pan looks a little scary to me. You didn't have a glass mess to clean up next, did you?

Tarimisu said...

CBB has a special blog post for you, Boss! I looked this morning and it says, "For Boss," so you might want to take a look!

Boss said...

Dear Crazy Horse,

Normally I'd say that she who completes the task is best suited to judge its point value, but seeing as you are injured, I consulted my royal point almanac for farm and livestock related chores. This is how the points break down:

1. 50 points per foot (20000)
2. 50 points post (1000)
3. 1000 points per wire (3000) plus 50 points per crimpette (?--let's say 3000)
4. 100 points per metal panel (?--1000) plus 5000 points for rust
5. 200 points per rusty T-post (?--4000), plus 10000 points for using heavy machinery

Bonus points: 10000 for injury. I do have to subtract 10 points for not having a picture (sorry, almanac's rules, not mine!). But that still leaves you with a grand total 56990 points, which you are free to adjust as you see fit. (I made some estimates, afterall. Plus, Sam stole my calculator half way through the totaling process. So I'm probably way off with all that multiplication and addition.)

Congratulations on a job well done. Oh, yeah, and I hope you're feeling better soon, so you can enjoy all your hard work outside with the fillies.

The Point Princess

Boss said...

Barbra-- Lime windex? I've never heard of such a thing! Genius! I may award myself points for going to the store and getting some.

Boss said...

Carolioness-- It wouldn't be the first time I broke a pyrex dish through my own foolishness (remember Taffy, that lovely cake you made, and I smashed on the sidewalk?). But this time, the pyrex survived. I don't think its perch was nearly as precarious as it seems in the picture.

Tarimisu said...

All sizes baby clothing saved for next baby to wear - 50 points

All sizes baby clothing carefully packed in boxes - 50 points

Each box labeled according to size of clothing and boy / girl - 50 points

Not having to buy the next baby any clothes at all - PRICELESS