Friday, August 13, 2010

Nice Day for a White Wedding

Have you ever seen a bride so beautiful?
A groom so happily endangered?

A mother-of-the-bride so radiant?
Or a father-of-the-bride so devastated to learn that his favorite flavor of ice cream has been discontinued.  Sorry Dad.  Thanks for breaking the news to him gently, Peanut.

And thanks for a beautiful day, Daisy and Adam.  A really really beautiful day.

 More photos here.   But you probably have to be friends or whatever.


Clarifications and confessions:  I don't know if DBC ice cream has actually been discontinued.  But what else could make Dad's expression so grave?  Also, if you now have Billy Idol's White Wedding in your head for the rest of the day, you're welcome.  I had the same problem Daisy's wedding day.  No worse than the previous week, when I had Beyonce and all her single ladies dancing through my brain during our family sealing session.  Awesome.
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