Saturday, April 28, 2007

With great cuteness comes great responsibility

According to her daddy, Grace will have to produce a lot of offspring to keep the human race from getting uglier and uglier. As he put it: "The cosmetic future of our whole species is sleeping in our bed right now."

Or, in other words:


Tarimisu said...

I'll have to agree, that it is one pretty cute kid.

Ree said...

That's a lot of pressure for such a little person. I guess it's not easy being cute.

Peanut said...

Wow. That is a pretty great responsibility.

Coloradowildflower said...

Okay, cutest baby ever. Yes, it's me, your friendly neighborhood Josi. I do check in once in a while and with material like this, I'll keep comin' back! She is adorable and so are you, Boss.

I'd ask how things are, but you'd just say: "Read the blog!" And I'd say: "I have!" And you'd say, "So whatter ya askin' for?" and I'd say: "Whatter's not a word." And you'd say: "Where do the fish live, then?" and I'd be stumped. So, instead of having that conversation, let me just say "Cutest baby ever!"