Thursday, June 14, 2007


Over the last few days Sam has developed an interest in coins. He's been collecting loose change from around the house and keeping it all in a small bank he got from his grandparents last Christmas. He takes his stash out several times a day and has me help him count it. And so I thought it was his love for counting that piqued his interest in currency. But yesterday, I overheard him talking about his "money for the helicopter," and realized we may have a problem.

So, in case you're wondering, we do accept paypal.


Ben said...

Perhaps he should save up first for flight lessons.

Boss said...

That's a good point, Ben, but I don't think he plans to fly the helicopter, just ride in it. He knows flying is a job for experienced pilots and ankle pilots only.

What is an ankle pilot, you ask? It's the guy who sits on the right side of the cockpit. (If you can't read and your mother mumbles when she says "pilot and co-pilot," that is.)

Anyway, the point is, I'm pretty sure he'd be happy just along for the ride.

Mrs. Donut said...

I'd like to make a contribution and also buy a ticket for myself. Heck, how about for all of us? I want to fly in the helicopter to Hawaii. What would Sam think of that? By the way, where is it in your house that he is finding all these coins? I just might come over to see if I can rake some up for myself!

p.s. - "ankle pilot" is cute! Incidentally, I messed something up while teaching Noodle the Alphabet Song. She says, "h, i, j, k, little little p."

Peanut said...

Sam cracks me up! Good news for Sam, I happened to notice that with Niagara Fall Heli Tours children under 3 can ride free. :)

Princess Gerty said...

I wish I had an "uncle Pilot"! Hilarious!