Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nine for a little bit after Tuesday

I'm stealing the idea Boss stole since she's had a good two weeks to make good on the weekly post thing.

Here are my 10 not nearly as entertaining things for this week:

I'm so completely and utterly sick of politics right now, and so guess what?  I'm running a campaign for a spot in the AMA.  I will be printing campaign stickers, pins, cards... it's gonna be out of control.

Speaking of being out of control, my son is really excited about halloween.  Not to steal the Boss' thunder, but she has made some super cute costumes for our kids.  She was even specially nominated to be our ward witch for a party tonight (I'm still not sure whether coming immediately to mind for that special role is a compliment or not). 

Speaking of compliments, I aced my physics test this week.  Which is reassuring considering that I have NO idea what's going on in radiobiology.  I remember loving school SOOO much as a kid.  It was fun, social, and exciting.  Now, after 20+ years of school, it's getting a little stale.

Speaking of stale, I'm on the Atkins diet again.  I hate it.  But it works.  At least, it works for the first two weeks and if you actually follow the guidelines strictly.  I sorta shot myself in the foot with some snacks during the last couple weeks, but I've still lost ~17 pounds in a month.  Some would say this is dangerous.  I would agree.  Do not try this at home.

Speaking of danger, last night some of the areas around Buffalo got several inches of snow.  Why?  Why?  Summer is so beautiful.  Don't let it go!!!

Speaking of beautiful things, I got an ipod touch.  Well, in theory, anyway. I bought it on ebay but it still hasn't shown up.  Actually, this is going to take some explaining.  I convinced myself that if I could buy it with our cashback refund for using our credit card (free money, sort of) that it would be okay to splurge on something so extravagant.  AND I need something to listen to while I work out all my Atkins calories, right?  So, I found one on ebay and figured out that Microsoft is shelling out 30% cash back on ebay purchases under a particular promotion they've got going on.  After weaseling the price down to where I felt it would work, I bought the thing and then realized it was an older version.  So, then I sold it and bought a new one.  With another 30% cashback, I'm making good on the bottom line.  Now I just have to wait for what seems like forever, because hey, it's a random guy in a second floor apartment in Pennsylvania that sold it to me, and he's taking his time.

Speaking of taking time, I'm taking time off to vacation in Utah in Dec.  Go us!  It's not during Christmas, but getting 4 people across the country for $600 is a lot easier if you massage the details.

Speaking of massages, do you know that I get a free massage at work from massage therapy students who come to treat patients but get bored?  How great is my life?

Speaking of a great life, have you met my wife and kids? They are so great, it's unbelievable.  This a warm up for Thanksgiving.  When everything in my life is going wrong, there's one place that I know that I can escape to and be happy.  I love going home, and I know that counts for a lot in our world.  Oh yeah, I should probably include Malcom in that list of people/creatures I love, cuz he does read this blog religiously. Hi Malcom!

Speaking of dogs who can read...

I've got nothing.  I guess it'll just be nine for a-little-after-Tuesday.


Shelley said...

Nine for a little bit after Tuesday works. :) The point is some sort of update... Tell Miss Boss to post some Halloween pictures! I want to see what she's done! :)

Mrs. Donut said...

Great nine. And I'll second that great-wife-and-kids thing. I know your wife is great. Though I haven't met the kids, still, I'll second it. 'Cause I know they are.

Ree said...

Super-talented wife, really cute kids, AND free massages?! That is just too much good fortune for one man. You need to get down here and spread some of that stuff around!

Princess Gerty said...

Thanks for the entertaining update!