Sunday, February 08, 2009

Because she can't let Sam get all the photographic attention

Grace wanted in on it too.

PS: When Sam saw Grace's dress, he declared it "the most beautiful dress in the world." I disagreed: Not until we get those tacky bows off.
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Peanut said...

That is a beautiful dress it matches Gracie nicely.
You're ready for Easter? Good work.

Boss said...

I'm not really ready for Easter. (When is Easter?) Or Valentine's Day. Or Grace's birthday (which is tomorrow). I just happened to find these little outfits on the post-Christmas clearance rack ($4 for Sam's, $6 for Grace's(why are girls' clothes always more expensive?)) and decided on Easter as my justification buying them. So the truth is not that I'm organized; I'm just cheap.

Javich said...

que cute...(that means how cute in spanglish)

brent and kashann said...

You're back! I missed you.
Sam is a great model.

Princess Gerty said...

Thank you for sharing your little models! I love 'em.