Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Miscellaneous T(uesday)

I'd call this Ten for Tuesday, but some days all that counting just seems like too much trouble.

Also, does anyone listen to cassette tapes anymore? Cause I don't. Even though there's a tape deck in our van. And when we bought the van more than two years ago I thought "Hey, that's cool. Maybe I'll get reacquainted with all my old tunes." But I never have because I don't know where all my tapes are. I think they're in the attic. I'm sure I didn't throw them out. There's lots of good stuff there. You know, good stuff I haven't listened to in decades, like They Might Be Giants' Miscellaneous T. Good stuff that until moments ago, I didn't even know I missed! And I can't even listen to the Amazon samples just to scratch that nostalgic itch cause Grace is asleep just a few feet away. The torture!

Oh look! Headphones!

Also, I'm not sure why, but listening to TMBG always reminds me of my cousin Wood. I mean, I know Wood likes(ed?) TMBG, but so does (did?) all the other weirdos (myself included) in my family. What's up with that?

Anyway, thinking about Wood reminds me that I discovered recently while reading my old blog entries (cause I'm a dork like that) that I neglected to link to his blog when I made my tacky little announcement a couple months ago. And his cute wife, Woodine, is pregnant, and is definitely one of the cool kids. Apologies to Woodine, and any other cool kids I missed. What do you want? I'm pregnant, I forget things.

Speaking of being pregnant and forgetting things, I don't think I've remembered to tell you we're having another boy. Cheers all around!

The sonographer gave me this completely indecent photograph, just in case anyone asked for proof. Kids don't get mad at their parents for showing off nudie pictures before the kids are even born. Do they?

And here's your more traditional studio shot. Look closely at his profile and you'll notice a resemblance to Grace and Sam (and probably every other baby ever photographed in utero). Cute, huh?

Speaking of cute new arrivals, here's Coach's.

After many years of faithful service, our blue Prizm died. (If you look closely you may be able to see its corpse still taking up half the garage.) Our generous friends, Jason and Amber, loaned us their car while we searched for a replacement. And it's a good thing too, cause our search took forever, mostly because we couldn't decide what we wanted. We (and by "we" I mostly mean Coach, cause I was all "whatever, dude.") swung from "we'll lease a new Prius," to "let's buy this Escort for $700 off craigslist" and back again. In the end, we landed somewhere in the middle, with a 18-year-old (but pampered) Miata. We immediately had to sink $800 into replacing the brakes (which were original to the car), but even at that we feel like we got a good deal. Coach finally enjoys his drive home from work, and even drives the back roads so he can take the top down. And after days like he has, he deserves it.

Speaking of grueling days, imagine what mine are like, spent in this kitchen.

Ignore the mess. And the grinning baby. What I'm referring to is the orange paint on the walls. I've never cared for it much, but lately that mild distaste has turned to raging hatred. It's probably misplaced nesting instincts (I can think of sooo many projects that would be sooo much better for welcoming a new baby. Like, I don't know, mopping the floor or something.), but I am determined that before the end of the summer, this orange will be gone.

But what should I cover it with? This will not be a major kitchen renovation. Just paint, and maybe some curtains. So we have to work with what's already there:
  • dark toned reddish brown cabinets with gold hardware (I am willing to paint the hardware, if necessary, but not the cabinets)
  • white shutters and trim

  • beige-ish laminate counter tops
  • vinyl checkerboard floor

So far, all I've come up with are cream and light beige. Bland, but neutral. I like the idea of pale green or yellow, but I don't think those will work with the current cabinet color. (And cabinet painting is just more involved that I want to get right now.) I'm totally open to suggestions. So start suggesting, already. Comment section is OPEN!


Peanut said...

I'm sure I just think this because my kitchen is sage, and I love it, but I think sage green. Plus, regarding how it will look with your cabinets, I really like my refinished rocker and the contrast of the dark reddish brown wood with the sage green cushions. Think about it.

Like Mike said...

I will be there soon! and can paint it black/ white!

But, who know what color it will be by the time it dries.....

Shelley~Maren said...

Congrats on another boy! He IS a cutie! (My brother just found out they're having a girl (their first) Babies are all over the place!)

As for the orange, I love it.

You do not though. How about a wasabi green? Yuck? Maybe a taupey beigey, neutral then?

Let Mike paint it though. That'll be fun.

Daisy said...

The first color I thought of as I was reading about your predicament was a lighter green. Plus, according to my psychology of color portion of interior design (okay, I took the class 5 years ago), green helps to decrease the appetite and the lighter tones are relaxing. Something like that. :) Good luck with that smiling little slave-driver in the kitchen, though.

★♪♫¸.·*¨) Ang. said...

Huh-I thought green made your hungrier? I usually paint my kitchens cranberry- and that orange would've been eliminated from my kitchen years ago for sure.:D. One of my fav colors for painting walls and such is "taupe"- I LOVE it. In my last house I couldn't paint anything blue, because everything int he stupid place seemed to be "anti-blue". I found that I really missed blue, and was actually living in some depression because of the brown/orange/yellow/green color scheme I was forced to suffer with. So we painted the kitchen blue here- I am SO delighted every time I see it from the master bed or walking in or out of the house. Seriously happy happy about it every single time. I'm thinking a lilac might've produced similar emotions, but I'm more than satisfied with the blue. Y'all might consider it as an option! XOXOX

Ree said...

I was really nervous to commit to a color for my kitchen. Ended up doing a very neutral (you might say boring) beige. But these walls connect to the living room, hall and foyer, so I think it's best this way. I'm happy with it, but it was a hard decision. I think you could go with a little more color and you'd be happy with it. I was thinking pale-ish green like peanut. Have you ever tried the computer at Lowes that lets you play around with paint colors in various sample rooms? I can;t say it helped me a ton, but my kids loved it. you might check it out if you haven't.

Ree said...

Oh, wait. I was going to comment on the baby on another post, but I forgot about this being Miscellaneous day. Congratulations on boy #2! Hope you are feeling well.
Oh yes, and what a snazzy looking convertible! How many carseats can you fit in that baby?

Princess Gerty said...

Awesome! I am glad you are having a boy the same time (er, at least year)! I'll forgive your indecent photo. :) Before I read any comments, I thought a pale green would be nice. The problem with green is it is a trendy color, and you'll want to repaint in a few years if you are still there (when it goes out of style). A beige will last longer, but may be too boring. With all your dark cabinets and appliances, I'd go for a light color.

Uri said...

Yay for the ultrasound pics! If it makes you feel any better, I have far more indecent shots of William. (Who is about to make his debut any moment, well, week...) I believe they are going to be page 1 in his photo album, okay, page 2. You might be surprised at how well lemon yellow may go in the kitchen. But then you are there with the cabinets day in and day out and probably know better. I was also going to say sage would be nice with that color, and I see that Peanut also agrees--two votes.

Woodine said...

Wood still enjoys TMBG - and if I'm being honest, I do too. :)

It must be the year for boys - congratulations!!!

Anonymous said...

Our realtor in Minnesota recommended Gobi Desert VERY HIGHLY. It's a darker beige color, and it goes amazingly well with pre-existing dark woodwork. In Buffalo winters you'd especially like it because it makes you feel warm when you're in it. I thought of Gobi Desert when I saw your kitchen pics, right up to the point where I saw the picture of the floor. It is wayyy too similar to most of the colors on your floor, so you might feel like you're in Ender's Game, in the Battle Room, with no up-down-sideways distinctions. Hmm.
So my next really strong suggestion was pale green, especially if you can get a warm tint, with some yellow in it.
But you know, when it comes down to it, we're all just home-decorating armchair experts, plugging in the colors to your pictures just as if we're at the Menards' paint section computer screens.
I'd suggest you get a can of whatever, paint one layer, and see how you like it. You'll need several coats of paint anyway to cover up all that bright ooookkk, so you may as well give yourself a trial period with some options. If you try green, or beige, or blue, and you want to nudge it another direction, at least it'll only take a nudge instead of square-one repeat. But for your sanity, cover it with something, and soon! Best of luck, and yeah, get Mike out there.


Mrs. Donut said...

TMBG! Yay! Scott and I enjoy listening to them on those long trips to Arkansas. The kids are like, "What is this weird music?" and then we're all like, "Be quiet and watch your DVD!" But one day the kids, too, will love it.

Cute baby boy in your tummy!

Groovy new car!

As for colors - got me. My mom had the same delimma when they moved into their house about seven years ago. She just went to Sherwin Williams and asked them for suggestions, and they gave her some coordinating samples. She went with kind of a rust red and brown. It looks nice.