Sunday, April 25, 2010

Blue Collar

Now that your finances are in order, I understand there's a problem with your plumbing.

Oh my. That sounds troublesome.

I'm really very concerned about this situation.

Let me give you my professional opinion.

Use diapers!

Diapers! Diapers! Diapers!

Diapers for everyone!

Cause the garbage man's gotta work too.


Peanut said...

I intended to say something when we were talking on the phone about the need for updated pictures of Miles. You must've read my mind!
What a cutie!

brent and kashann said...

You and Miles are such a crack up.
I would love to babysit him anytime. Just drop him off and go shopping. I love this kid.

Mrs. Donut said...

That kid gives great advice. Oh, and he's very cute. When do I get to meet him? What if I need his advice again soon? I really think a personal visit would be best.

Daisy said...

Speaking of updated photos, when will there be an updated family photo posted?
Oh, and I think I apply his advice pretty well...with even bigger ones.

Stephanie said...

He is adorable! Such a good blend of his parents!!!! We miss you guys!

Princess Gerty said...

So cute!