Tuesday, May 25, 2010

While we weren't blogging

We took a spontaneous trip to NYC.1

And a planned-for-many-months trip to Disney world.2

Grace turned three.3
And Coach turned 35.4

Also, a mysterious organization dropped this giant baby from the sky (along with a pallet-full of other clearly labeled perishables).5

And Sam lost two teeth.6

And now we're caught up for another six months. Right?


1. Thanks to Jetblue's recent anniversary sale we got tickets for $10 each way and saved a bundle. And then we spent that bundle on swedish fish to keep the children occupied during our many subway rides around town.

2. And now Sam wants to move to Orlando.

3. You should ask her about it. She loves to hold up two fingers and tell strangers "I used to be two..." (pause for deliberately popping up a third finger) "but now I'm three." Unless you are a princess. If you are a princess, she'll probably be too shy to do anything but stare at you with wide, admiring eyes.

4. Does this look more like a passport photo than a birthday photo? It should. Coach had to renew his passport for an upcoming trip to Amsterdam, where he'll be presenting a paper to a bunch of fellow radiation oncologists. It's just as impressive as it sounds, but you won't hear about it from him because his tootin' horn is broken. Mine's not though. I love that guy.

5. That's the only possible explanation for how this kid got so big.

6. I realize Sam's teeth aren't much of a focal point in this photo. You'll have to zoom in. I tried cropping it down, but I looked at Grace's sweet face and just couldn't. That's the kind of mug you add into photos, not the kind you crop out. You know?


Peanut said...

Wow! You guys have been busy! I love that Dharma Baby--very cute. Plus, that last picture, you know, the one featuring Sam's teeth--Gracie looks so much more grown up, also more like Sam. And look at that hair!

Daisy said...

What!? When did everyone grow up so much? I'm excited to see you soon!

Rachel and Tyler said...

Your trips look like so much fun! 10 dollar tickets that's amazing!

Ree said...

Man you got some cute kids! Thanks for the update.

Sowells said...

So much fun! I would want to move to Orlando too, if I could live in Disney World! LOVe the Dharma shirt! Has he been trained to push the button? Better start working on that!

Mrs. Donut said...

Boss, Grace looks just like you. And a little like Daisy.