Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Blast off

This will be a family blog of photos, musings, history, hobbies, commentary, etc. Our family has 5 members, and we drew straws to see who got to pick the blog name. Between the mommy, the daddy, Sam, Malcom, and Bruiser (respectively the Boss, Coach, toddler, dog, and goldfish), you can go ahead and guess who drew the winning straw.

All the best,
The Meaty Chunks

UPDATE: 11/16/2009
A couple new junior editors have been recruited: Miles and Grace. Also, the fish is dead.


Taffy said...

Well, I'm glad I tried that weird like from Sonnet's page. It lead me here.

Shana said...

So what are Malcolm's lucky numbers? Is he looking for corporate sponsorship? Good to see y'all with a blog.