Sunday, February 26, 2006

Pious Baby

Sam is really good at folding his arms for prayer and has been for a while. In fact, he is so good, that at Friday night's Institute potluck he kept his arms folded as he ran away from little Ronny Guymon who was trying to "share" something Sammy was holding. Sam will even remind us to pray--sometimes at meals when we had genuinely forgotten, and sometimes at odd times, like driving down the road.

Sam is not quite as good at being reverent during the sacrament meeting. We've tried everything to keep the kid quiet, including treats, activities, stickers, etc. Boss usually tries to limit to a book with pictures of Jesus in it that Grandma gave him during the Sacrament. The only problem is, the book contains an illustration with dogs in it. So, while Boss was trying to turn away from the dog page in favor of a nice picture of Jesus doing something quiet without a canine friend near at hand, Sammy was insisting she turn back to his favorite page so he could show off to the ward at the top of his lungs that he can pronounce with impeccable accuracy "doggie!!!" over and over ad infinitum. Posted by Picasa

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