Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Remote Access

A recent post on Dr. Peanut's blog revealed that both she and Coach are both a little bummed to be missing all the festivities currently underway here at the Reid Ranch in lovely (and remote) Fruitland, Utah. I've been bummed too, because I've missed them both a lot. So I was excited to learn that the ranch has recently become less remote; they've gone wireless! It makes it seem like the doctors (Peanut and Coach, that is) aren't so far away.

If only the MTC would let Daisy and Javich online every now and then. Then we'd really stay connected.

We love and miss you guys. And don't worry. We're hardly having any fun without you.


Peanut said...

Hooray for remote access! Thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

We are not having any fun at all at Reid Ranch because Caoch and Peanut are not here. :o( Even worse we had a big thunder storm that washed out the road and made it difficult for Uncle Peter to drive in. We also called Caroliness and told her not to come until tomorrow. :o(

We really are having fun with inside activities; we do miss those who are not here. Love to all. Daddy-A

Coach said...

I first read this post in the middle of a noon lecture. My PDA is giving me too many distractions!!! It's good to hear that you are having a good time and I miss you a lot.