Saturday, September 02, 2006

iPod, anyone?

August was a weak month for blogging. I think we've graduated from the blogging honeymoon period. Oh well, it's still fun when we get around to it.

This particular post is a shameful materialistic hedonism-fest. Okay, maybe nothing quite that dramatic, but the commercial aspect is undeniable. You see, today I opened a Key Bank checking account and credit card account to get a free iPod. This seems like a pretty straight-forward and painless thing (as opposed to my other "free stuff" adventures), so I thought I would give you the heads up. If you want, you can go into your local branch with this certificate too (rather than opening the account online) so that we can both get $25.

With any luck, the internet will yet make me RICH!!! Or at least, give me another fun gadget.


English Ben said...

Ooh. I'll have to look into this. I need a new bank account, and I want a free iPod. And I wouldn't mind giving you twenty-five bucks.

Tarimisu said...

There's no Key Bank around here. I wish that there was - I'd love an iPod and some money! But I hope that lots of others have gotten you some money.