Saturday, December 23, 2006


Do any of these vegetables look familiar to you?

According to Sam, a couple of them should. To be specific:

Now do you see the resemblance? Perhaps this will help.

Yeah, I'm not sure I really see it either. But every time Sam plays with his Veggie Tale nativity set, he calls Larry the Cucumber (on left) "Dad" and Pa Grap (on right) "Mom." I realize that pregnancy hormones have changed my look over the past several months, but I was hoping the new handlebar mustache and purple nose weren't quite so noticable.

In any case, at least Sam treats his parents-in-effigy kindly. He finds them cozy beds in drawers and boxes, and often requests that Coach or I "talk to Sam" through our respective vegetable character. Sadly, Sam doesn't take the news that "it's time for bed" any better from a vegetable than a real live parent.


Ben said...

Now I will think of you two every time I watch Veggie Tales. And I will make it my mission to get that nativity set for Sophie next year, as that is the coolest thing I have ever seen.

Tarimisu said...

That IS totally cool! I wanted to see what it looked like when we were talking about it on the phone the other day. So thanks for posting it! And so cute that Sam thinks ya'll resemble them! Hey, if you're going to be compared to something, I can think of lots worse things than Veggie Tales characters!!!!
Merry Christmas!

B said...

How cute! Where did you find that nativity?! I would probably love it even more than my kids...(as I seem to have inherited the nativity collecting gene from SPH-1).
I have to agree with Tarimisu that there are many worse things to resemble than Veggietale characters.

Hope you guys had a great Christmas!