Sunday, January 07, 2007

When things get quiet

So, the other night I left Sam downstairs playing with his blocks while I went to fetch jammies and a clean diaper to begin our bedtime routine. While upstairs, I got distracted checking something online. It occurred to me a few minutes later that it was oddly quiet down below, but I didn't leave the computer immediately to check it out.

Perhaps I should have. When I finally went downstairs, this is what I found.

And this.

As an avid baker, Sam was, of course, quite proud of his work. But even after all the effort he'd gone to to evenly distribute the "dirt" (as he calls it) on the dining room carpet, he was more than happy to help clean up. He held the dustpan while I used the broom, and once we got the vacuum out, he pointed out all the spots I'd missed.

Malcom, on the other hand, was disappointed that the mess didn't involve more bacon grease.

So instead of helping, he just sat there while we worked.

When I go shopping tomorrow, I may have to buy more flour and sugar. And corn starch and brown sugar. And powdered sugar. But dog treats are not on my list.


Peanut said...

You mean you didn't actually bake anything? Like 100 loaves of bread? lol!

Tarimisu said...

How cute and funny! I want to give that Sam a big hug, he's so cute! Poor Malcom. Maybe he was in shock. Are you sure he doesn't need a treat?

Taffy said...

Woa, that's a lot of stuff!
I'm with peanut, 100 loaves of bread would have been good. I guess it was bed time though.

Sarah Johnson said...

I am glad you were patient enough to let Sam help. I have only been happily surprised a few times when things are "too quiet." Usuall it's bad news. What cute pictures, though!!

Anonymous said...

At least he enjoyed himself. A future baker perhaps?

B said...

I wonder if Coach did that when he was Sam's age? I have pictures of Big D and his twin doing it when they were 2, Mimi doing that when she was 1 and Buddy doing the same when he was 2 or 3. I haven't found Sweetsa doing it...oops she just gets into the butter! LOL! I think it's genetic!

Lady said...

Boss, you seemed to handle this much better than I would have - I am not very fond of messes and have a hard time seeing the bright side of them. I often become very moody at the sight of them. Good for you in grabbing the camera and taking it lightly!