Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Like most two-year-olds, Sam is inquisitive. Every day is filled with "What's that?" and "Where's this?" and an occasional question like "Did you have a nice Christmas time, Mom?"

I'm sure these questions are explorations of his world or repetitions of adult conversations--both entirely typical among toddlers his age. Every now and then, however, Sam comes up with something totally original and thought provoking.

Like this morning's query: "Do you like super powers, Mom?"

"Yes," I said. "I do. Do you?"

"Yeah," Sam replied. Then he went back to watching Barney.


Ben said...

Perhaps he was referring to the 1980s Kenner toy line.

Anonymous said...

A rational question considering Barney's superhuman ability to annoy all sane adults within a 100-foot radius of the television.

Emmy said...

Since he is your son, I am not surprised at his thought provoking questions and creativity.

Ree said...

Hee hee! Maybe Sam is dropping hints that he has discovered he has x-ray vision.

Boss said...

You could be right, Ben. I hadn't considered that possibility. If that's the case, though, I have to change my answer from "yes" to "sort of." Not that I have anything against action figures, per se, I'm just not as fond of hunks of rubber (or plastic, whatever the case may be) as I am of the theoretical ability to fly.

I'll have to see if I can get Sam to clarify. I wouldn't want to risk him misunderstanding, or I could end up with a matched set of Super Powers (TM).

Christine, you are absolutely right. Except for the 100-foot radius. I'd say Barney's area of annoyance stretches even farther--say, 100 yards? 100 miles? It's hard to overestimate the scale of his ability to annoy. (I am glad to say that this is the first Barney video Sam has ever watched, and that we rented it (his pick, not mine), so at least our exposure to it will be limited. However, now that he knows what he's been missing, I should probably just accept that fact that I could be seeing more of that horrible purple dinosaur.)

Emmy-you are cute and nice. ;) I'm pretty sure the super powers came from his Dad, though!

Ree, if it's X-Ray vision Sam has he's probably disappointed. I think he'd rather have the ability to be invisible, so he could always win at hide and seek. Of course, with his habit of giggling while in hiding, invisibility wouldn't do him much good at this point. X-Ray vision it is, then!

Tarimisu said...

I kept thinking his super-powers would have something to do with an ability to gain candy.