Friday, November 16, 2007


Hawai'i isn't just something you can blog about in a minute and be done. The photos alone could take 47 days to upload. So, I'll just start simply. Here we are having some fun:

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Like Mike said...


Ben said...

I grew up going to church at the tabernacle. Your pictures make me nostalgic. (Even though it's only been a couple months since I've been there myself.)

Mrs. Donut said...

Wow! That looks amazing and so much fun! Hawaii must be such a beautiful place. I am sure the pictures don't do justice. Anthony lived there for awhile and he absolutely loved it. And Grace looks adorable with that drink that looks as big as she is!!!! I love it. And I love you guys and I'm so happy you had a Hawaiin adventure!

Princess Gerty said...

Wow. Those pictures are great! I am so glad you posted, even with few words. The pics tell a lot. We have only been to Hawaii once--Last year. And, that was fun because we were in the earth quake. I look forward to hearing more about your beautiful trip.