Sunday, January 06, 2008

A sunbeam stealing sunshine

Today was Sam's first day of primary. He is a new sunbeam at church, and there were several conversations and events today that are notable in terms of his surprising development.

On the way home from church Sam was feeling a bit hungry, and despite repeated assurances from Boss that we had no more food in the diaper bag, he kept asking her to find him something to eat. You can only take pestering so long, and Boss made the mistake of responding to something I was talking about when a shrill, "Hey! I asked you a question!" errupted from the backseat.

"Yes, Sam. What is your question?"

In an indigant voice Sam restated. "My question is: look again."

Upon further investigation there were no snacks in the diaper bag.
Once we got home, there were snacks a plenty. So many, in fact, that Sam dumped two boxes of crackers, a pan of brownies, and a box of wipes all over the playroom. This particular incident was reminiscent of other previous attacks in which the following ingredients have been used to terrorize his parents: vaseline, diaper cream, drawers of freshly cleaned and folded laundry, lotion on a laptop computer, air freshening spray, honey on the carpet, bags of oyster crackers, and I'm certain some that I've missed.

We cleaned up the mess right as the home teachers arrived. Sam didn't notice until one of them piped up and said, "Hi Sam." Sam looked over like a frightened dear and ran from the room shrieking.

And the final developmentally telling event of this first sunbeam day came just now before bed. Boss was singing the last lines of "You Are My Sunshine" to Grace when Sam interrupted: "Hey! I took your sunshine away."

He gave it back a few minutes later.

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Woodine said...

Sam - yesterday was my first day in sunbeams too. Sitting for 2 hours is pretty tough, especially when you're used to nursery. And the grown ups keep asking you to listen and be quite, but that's hard when you have something you want to share! And, if your leader doesn't think to bring a snack, it's a long time to go without food! Hang in there - we'll both get better at making sunbeams a fun and happy place to learn and be!

Mrs. Donut said...

You're a cute sunbeam, Sam! We don't have sunbeams class at our church, but if we did, Molly would be in it. I was thinking that the two of you sound very similar and would get along well and be cute little sunbeams together! I hope she gets to meet you someday. I'd love to see and hear what kind of stuff ya'll would get into and discuss!

Peanut said...

Mrs. Donut, I'll warn you, you might not exactly *love* to see what things Sam and Molly could get into if it's anything like what he and MJ can get into. Of course, when I think about the lotion and laptop adventure, I can't help but smile a little. And cringe.


I love Sam. His seriousness and maturity are just so sweet and cute. Caroline agrees! -kashann

Tara said...

Very cute! And I can sure relate- though at the time my son was acting like a ravaged wolf/whining hyena I didn't find it as cute as you describe it. But congrats to Sam!