Saturday, February 02, 2008

Activism time

You probably haven't been able to avoid the incessant news about the presidential primary, and I feel your pain. The media coverage has been pervasive (and brutal). I could go into lots of detail about what's at stake in this election (and with several friends I already have, here), but I'll summarize instead. Whenever I talk politics, I can sense Boss's mind starting to wander, choosing instead to dwell on happy things like... well, like those yummy sugar cookies last night. Those were good... mmmm...

Coach! focus!!!

  • Our energy bill is now nearly as much as our rent was when we first got married about 5 years ago. This is a problem. The economy is a problem. We have little equity in this house and we may have to pay a lot just to get rid of it, considering what the market has been doing.
  • We need a leader who doesn't speak with relish and political spin about new wars. But we also need a leader who will keep us safe.
  • We need someone with common sense solutions to big problems like immigration, government largess, health care, and education.
  • We need someone with the right combo of experience, success, and unsullied status as outsider.
  • We need someone who isn't afraid to admit mistakes and humbly change course

We need Mitt Romney. We really do. I'm not paid for this and I'm not loyal to Romney for anything other than the selfish reason that I want our country to thrive. But Romney, clearly the best candidate, has been weighed down with all sorts of peripheral garbage during this campaign and needs all the help he can get going into Tuesday's primary.

If you have a minute, help him out by making calls for the campaign, talking to friends and neighbors, or just writing a letter to the editor. If you can't take the time to do all that, at least read up about the candidates enough to make an informed decision and be sure to actually go out and vote. Money helps, of course.

Thanks for putting up with my new-found political zeal. I've been an activist for several years for a few pet issues, but this is my first foray into politics. It's kind of a heart-wrenching endeavor when you open your eyes to the unfairness of the process. I hope everyone will pitch in for America. Romney doesn't need the presidency, but America needs him.


Mrs. Donut said...

I was looking on the NY for Mitt website to see if you'd written anything about the primaries. I left a comment after the one you had left. I'm wondering your thoughts on the way the primaries turned out. If only I'd been in Arkansas, I'd have been able to vote. I don't know why I continue to be taken surprise by McCain, but I do.

Coach said...

Super Tuesday was super depressing, for me, as I'm sure you can imagine knowing that I'm a Romney supporter. But, don't worry! Romney is sticking with it. He still has a long shot, and he's addressing the conservative political action committee on Friday. I think he'll rally conservatives yet. And, if all else fails and he doesn't get the nod this time around, I'm betting he'll be back for round two in 2012!

Apart from causing me great distress, the primaries and caucuses yesterday were fun to watch. The trick McCain and Huckabee pulled in West Virginia was brilliant (although it underlined their status as establishment candidates who are better at politicking than actually getting common support for their issues). The California result was shocking considering the poll the day before had Romney ahead. And with the tornados across the south, it was a primary day to remember!