Saturday, June 07, 2008

Garden time

I found a website for social networking for gardeners, and went ahead and signed up. It's I don't know how well I'll keep up, but I do like gardening. This site allows for keeping track of plants and trading cuttings and starts with people nearby. That seemed like a good way to go on a budget.
The tulips I planted in late November (yes, I was behind) came up beautifully. I didn't get any photos while they were at their peak, but this one is pretty good.
Of course, this is what you'll see if you turn just a little bit to the left when you're standing where that last picture was taken. At least the jungle that was there last year is gone! I've planted seeds for lawn and they're coming up now.
Had to prune back the maple. Now we get to use the firepit Boss got me for my birthday!
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LCFrohm said...

Welcome back my very first bloggy friend.
I've missed ya'll for so long!
Please keep us updated! We miss ya'll!
And I love the pictures of Malcom! We miss Malcome!
And Sam!
And you!
And coach!
I didn't get to meet Grace, but I'm sure I would miss her as well.