Saturday, June 07, 2008

Memorial day

Good times in Burton were had on Memorial day. We got to sample Sister (?... can't remember her name) $50 blueberry pie after it was given to Dad as a birthday gift (right after being hard-won in the church fundraiser auction). It was good. Really good. Apparently all those bidders knew what they were doing. We hung out with Harvey and Pooka et al, and were happy to see Daisy, Mom, and Dad too. Finally got Dad's iPod loaded up with forums and conference talks (approximately 1% of the space is now used after loading the videos from an entire general conference). We went to the Holden arboretum and saw the blooming rhododendrums (as well as the Kirtland temple nearby). We visited my favorite bonsai nursery and they had some AMAZING new additions. And, last, but not least, we hung out with our great friends, the Nielsons. They barbequed up a storm for us and then came up to hang out the next day. Here are some photos from the pond. Malcom has never had a better weekend in his life.

Adam caught a fish. Go Adam! Sam and I caught a frog (and saw turtles and snakes too).

We got in some boating, as well as the Nielsons. Good times.

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LCFrohm said...

Umm did you know my maiden name was Burton?