Sunday, March 08, 2009

February 28

Sam loves a good countdown. He's always asking me questions like "How many days till Halloween?" and "How many more days of school until I can be a rescue worker?" Maybe he just got tired of the answer always being in the hundreds/thousands/millions, because recently he's started inventing his own reasons for more immediate celebration.

February 28, for example. I think he must have heard about it at school, how February is a special month with only 28 days. For whatever reason, that date got stuck in his head, and he started asking for frequent countdown updates. I'd show him where we were on the calendar, and how many days it would take to get to February 28. He had me write the words "THIS IS A PARTY" in that day's box. He referred to it daily.

In the days leading up to the 28th, he talked about what he planned for his party. He came up with a guest list. He thought about presents. (He decided they'd be a surprise: jewelry for me, and a yellow tie for Coach.) He'd ask, "Aren't you going to be surprised when I give you your presents? Isn't that nice of me to make you presents?"

He wrote lists.
(I think "FRI" was going to be "FRIENDS," but he got distracted.)

When the day finally arrived, he spent the morning talking about how much there was to do to get ready for the party (see list). Not listed, but still a high priority, was making decorations. I gave him a pair of scissors and a stack of colored paper, and he cut these flags out all by himself.
I showed him how to use the hole punch and then string the triangles onto ribbon. Then all that was left was hanging it up. He told me precisely where he wanted it to go.

In the end, it might not have been exactly the party he had in mind. (His beloved Abygail wasn't able to make it, and he briefly considered canceling the whole thing.) But we had a great turnout otherwise -- both my friends and his. (Coach was out of town, so he didn't get to invite anyone.) And I think everyone had a good time. While the grown ups sat around chatting and making jewelry, the kids played. There was great food. And all the ladies went home with something pretty.

Sam already has several more parties planned for the next few weeks. I'm glad, because Coach has a busy travel schedule this spring, and all this partying will give both me and Sam something to look forward to.

So put your party hats on and get over here. You're totally on the list. And Sam's counting down.

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Peanut said...

Nice party! Looks like fun. Plus, Sam is looking more and more grown up all the time--how does that happen?! Next thing I know I'll be getting a college graduation announcement (or maybe party invitation).

Ree said...

I was just thinking the same thing about Sam...he suddenly looks like a big kid! A big party planning kid! What fun--I especially love the flags. Great job Sam.

Anonymous said...

I was about to whine that I didn't get an invitation to the party, but then I remembered that I was in TN on the 28th, where other parties were happening. But it sure looks like it was fun! I too thought "that can't be little Sam - he's not that big already." So much for what I know. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Is Sam counting down the days?

Amber said...

so, when's the next big party? have any dates been set yet? abygail and I are dying to know (and we wish we could have gone to the last one)!

Mrs. Donut said...

Aw . . . wish I lived close! I'd love to come to one of Sam's parties. That looks like so much fun! What is the next party going to be for?

Daisy said...

Yeah, can I say I object to how big kiddish Sam is looking? Can everybody just slow down?
I love the creative train tracks (even though they're going uphill). I guess we know that Sam will be a future Henrichsen reunion planning president...he's got the most important things on the list now, anyway. who needs more than candy, presents and friends?