Thursday, March 19, 2009

Declaration of Independence

It's not surprising that Grace has her own opinions about fashion. Sam has been coaching her in these matters for a long time now. But now that she's actually able to get her clothes on (mostly) by herself, we'll probably be seeing more interesting ensembles like this one.

As you can see, this skirt is as functional as it is stylish. And I think the tails in both front and back add a little special something.

On a related note, Sam went to school today wearing layers: navy blue shorts over black sweat pants, paired with a long-sleeved striped blue shirt under a flashing light Wall-E t-shirt. Oh, and red rubber boots. I don't even bother with the gentle suggestions anymore. Why not let his teachers have a good laugh every now and then?
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Woodine said...

I like the pink with pink scheme. You think the same way I do Grace - pick a color and go with it. Way to be a fun mom with a good sense of humor, because I'll bet Sam felt like pretty hot stuff today, and you can't beat feeling like that!

Hansen Family said...

You need to take a picture of Sam. I bet the "look" is just classic!

Mrs. Donut said...

Awesome. She, Sam, and my kids ought to have a fashion show.

Ree said...

LOL! I would have enjoyed seeing Sam's ensemble as well. But the description was pretty good too. I honestly didn't notice a problem with Grace's "skirt" until you pointed it out. After all, at least it matches the pink top. At least one person in my house thinks orange shirts and red shorts work well together. And he's rather older than your children.