Sunday, October 01, 2006

A Conversation

Sam has been talking for quite some time, but fully interactive conversations are still somewhat new. And surprising.

The scene: I am playing with my birthday loot (beading supplies) while Sam sits next to me chattering and sifting through his own pile of beads.

Sam: chatter chatter chatter ... thirty dollars ... chatter chatter
Boss: Thirty dollars? Where did you hear about thirty dollars?
Sam: Dad.
Sam: Dad, Sam thirty dollars.
Boss: Dad gave you thirty dollars?
Sam: Yeah.
Boss: What are you going to buy with thirty dollars?
Sam: Candy.


Peanut said...

So Funny!

woodine said...

Too cute! Wood and I work in the nursery and sometimes the conversations we have are pretty unexpected. I hope Sam has a real sweet tooth, that's a lot of candy!

Lady said...

I bet your dentist is soooo happy!

Boss said...

Well, to tell the complete story, after he announced his intention to buy candy, he also mentioned candles and cake. At least the candles won't rot his teeth. Or spoil his dinner!

Woodine--Coach and I are in the nursery too! It's lots of fun, especially for Sam.

Ree said...

I hope you are planning a half birthday party for Sam. And don't forget the candy.

Tarimisu said...

I tell ya, that's what I'd buy too! Smart kid.

Mark said...

Awesome! If he gets Baby Ruth, I hope I can come to the candy party.

Anonymous said...

Clever lad! Next I'd like to know how he talked his dad into giving him the thirty dollars in the first place... I'm always on the hunt for new mooching techniques.