Sunday, October 29, 2006

On the cell block

Meet Mommy, public enemy #1. Wanted for candy smuggling, toy hiding, and involuntary incarcerating a boy to his crib.

Meet Warden Sam, Mommy's worst nightmare. Only the best law enforcement can keep this Mama under wraps, and this kid's got grit and unimpeachable ethics. Don't even try to bribe him with a sucker. Look at those steely cold eyes.


Tarimisu said...

Dang, that's one scary looking Mommy! I don't know what I'd do if I met her on the street. Perhaps throw some candy and run. But that there warden looks like he can take care of her unlawfulness! Way to keep our cities safe, Warden Hopkins!

Peanut said...

That's awesome!

Harvey said...

Wow. Sammy - I mean Warden Hopkins, Sir - sure looks tough. Except in that first picture. There he looks cute enough to run for office and win on looks alone.
And good job Boss - I can tell you're really trying to not smile during the pictures!

Daddy-O said...

You said it Harvey. Public enemies are not allowed to smile nor snigger.
Coach, you need to post some deleted scenes . . . Where the inmates and the officials forget their lines.

Ree said...

you guys are cute and funny! What is Coach's costume?


Cute and Fun!! For school on Tues I dressed as a MAD (Medical Assistant for Dracula) Scientist and carried around a beaker of blood (dyed water) to drink during the parade. Semaj stayed home sick so he never put together a costume. Nagol was Dash from Incredibles. When his mom told us that we told her that we had dressed him as JackJack a few months ago. So this ended up being a very long comment.
Happy Halloween!!