Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Shopping with Sam

My Blogger account is full of unfinished drafts. Yet for the last few months, this blog has been decidedly unfull of new entries. That, I've realized, is a ridiculous arrangement. So instead of getting myself together and giving ya'll an update, I'll just go ahead and clean out those archives. Starting with this little ditty from last October:

A few days ago, Sam and I spent a good portion of the day shopping for various Halloween related items. He's a bright kid, but on this outing in particular, everything he said seemed incredibly clever.

At Dollar Tree

The scene: the toy aisle, next to a display of reasonably priced ($1.00!) baby dolls.

Boss: Sam, look at these babies! Should we take one home? Do you want a purple one, a yellow one, or a blue one?
Sam: No want to!
Boss: You don't want a baby doll? Look, she's so nice. [I rock the doll, and then hold her up as if I'm burping her.]
Sam: No.
Boss: Just try it. Give her a hug.
Sam: Put away! Too scary!

The scene: the craft aisle. Sam has just picked up a bucket of small, multicolored foam beads.

Sam: Candy!
Boss: No, Sam, those are beads. To make a necklace.
Sam: Candy!
Boss: They look like candy, don't they, but they're beads.
Sam: Candy!

At the thrift store

The scene: we pass a young boy with very dark hair and pale skin.

Sam: Vampire!
Boss: Did you see a vampire? [Looking around for Halloween display]
Sam: Vampire says "good eeeevening."
Boss: That's right . . . [spots "vampire" in question. Hurry off in other direction hoping vampire's mother didn't overhear our conversation.]


And speaking of Halloween, I'm looking for costume ideas. Give me some.


Michelle said...

You are much too funny! I love reading your blog and look forward to future posts. I'm so glad that we've met we'll have one good year together! And by the way I knew you had to be the most clever/voice of reason individual in the room when you spoke up that one Sunday!

Like Mike said...

I like the dark motif you've been working on: rabid vampires. You could even put a set of wings on Grace.

Mrs. Donut said...

I, too, was thinking of the vampire theme. I mean, Sam already knows what to say in case he ever becomes one.

B said...

LOL! I'm afraid I must second the (I mean 'third') the vampire idea. That's so funny he even knows what to say!(And that you hustled out of sight before said vampire's mom could realize what was going on! HA!)

Ree said...

Yeah, I was wondering what kind of movies Sam watches, because I don't know any other 2 and a half year olds who know that much about vampires.

Boss said...

I usually pop in Dracula every night before I put Sam to bed, just to insure he has sweet dreams. So maybe that's why he knows so much about vampires. Or it could be this book, which was a favorite last halloween. (In addition to a polite vampire, it features lots of candy.)

I really like the idea of dressing Gracie up as a vampire, cause what could be cuter than her in a little baby tuxedo and flowing cape. And fangs? I'm not sure it'll be as cute on the rest of us, though.

Princess Gerty said...

LOL! Have you read those books, Twilight, etc? (sorry, I am drawing a blank on the others, but check out Hen Penn's blog).