Monday, September 24, 2007

For Grace's benefactors

For months I've been stockpiling photos of Grace in various outfits given to her by family and friends. Would you like to see them?

You would? Great!


Here she is all suited up to run her first baby marathon in an outfit sent by my dear friend Mrs. Donut. My favorite part about this ensemble is the high contrast racing stripe. It slenderizes her powerful baby thighs while drawing the eye downward to her shapely baby feet. On top, the curves of the polka-dot piping subtly complement her baby pot-belly, ensuring that even if she's not the fastest baby runner, she'll always place first in style.

(You'll also notice Sam's high-fashion rain boots, which he picked out all by himself at the local Salvation Army store. You gotta love a kid with thrift and style.)

After an exhausting day of exercise, Grace likes to kick back. Here she is lounging in a soft, organic cotton dress set hand-selected by Aunt Peanut. In honor of Aunt Peanut's kind patronage, Gracie makes a point of spitting up voluminously every time she wears this festive little frock. (That is, afterall, how Grace showed her appreciation for Aunt Peanut's doting during her visit last March.)

Every girl needs an outfit versatile enough to go from morning play date to afternoon picnic. Thanks to this adorable little number from Aunt Ree , Gracie's never under-dressed. A lace trim and tea-length cut add a touch of formality to the comfortable denim styling of these darling capris. And the hand-stitched peasant blouse is delicate and feminine with detailing that draws the eye upward to Grace's bright blue eyes and luminously bald head. With simple accessories like a hat, pacifier, and blankie, this girl's ready for anything!

No tour through Gracie's wardrobe would be complete without a nod to the evening wear that so flatters her classic baby physique. This stylish suit, also from Mrs. Donut, is embellished with a simple lace ruffle at the collar, making it the perfect choice dining, dancing, or sleeping.

It's no wonder that this girl turns heads everywhere she goes. Still, as gratifying as it is to have such a sharp-dressed baby, the best part of dressing Ms. Grace in these fabulous outfits is being reminded of the people I love.


Michelle said...

You are too funny! I love the fashion report- so great to have a new girl all new clothes poor daisy gets all the hand-me-downs!

Ree said...

Yeah, the clothes are cute, but that model is fantastic!

Woodine said...

Maybe Grace can come help me spruce up my wardrobe one of these days - she sure has a knack for fashion. And the model couldn't get any cuter!

Peanut said...

Those are some cute, cute pictures! Thanks for sharing them.

Mrs. Donut said...

Oh, my! I was laughing and laughing at that wonderful color commentary! I think that there is one outstanding feature to which all of those outfits draw attention: Grace's incredible cuteness! What a wonderful post - I love it!

Tara said...

You are hilarious! And what a beautiful little girl! Both of your kids are so cute! Sounds like you have a lot of fun, too!

Dave and Tricia Folsom Family Fun said...

I am so glad you found my blog! I can't believe you have a little girl I have never met! She is so adorable! And Sam is so big and cute. Are you guys in NY now? How are yoiu liking it? We are the same as ever here in Iowa! I need to go and read your past entries and see what you have been up to!

Like Mike said...

It has been more than a week, I want more! Post again!! Plus, I thought such great pictures deserved a comment. Although, as always, it is the girl that makes the outfit!