Sunday, February 04, 2007

That's my boy

The Boss has been anticipating some hard adjustment for our little guy when his sister gets here. To help head off anxiety and discord as much as possible, she's checked out a baby girl doll from the library and encouraged Sam to be nice to said doll. The doll has been trying out the baby furniture, recently rescued from storage. And Sam seems to enjoy tucking in the baby at bedtime.

I have to admit, I've been a little bit alarmed to see him sleeping with and poring over the creature comforts of a foofie little pink doll.

So today I was quite pleased during nursery to see him pushing around a stroller not with a foofie dolly in it, but a toy computer. Oh, precious precious electronics. That's my boy!


Ree said...

Did he have the precious electronics buckled in securely?

BigZ said...

No, taking a nap will not do. Luckily, there are computers and video games to help you get through your day.

Ben said...

Timothy (my eight-month-old) is absolutely fascinated by his sister's baby doll. He will spend minutes (which convert to hours in baby time) cooing at her (the doll, not his sister) and sucking her (again, the doll's) face. Whether he senses in her a kindred spirit, a potential romantic interest, or merely a tasty snack, I have no idea.

Tarimisu said...

I think it's adorable that Sam nurtures his baby doll . . . and that he puts a computer into a stroller!