Monday, February 19, 2007

Due Date

Today marks the end of my 40th week of pregnancy. It would if I were still pregnant, that is. But Grace made short work of that nine days ago with her renegade decision to arrive early. That may have been the first time any member of our family has arrived early. For anything. Ever.

As proud as I am of her promptness, I hope she doesn't continue this trend for the rest of her milestones. I'm enjoying her too much right now. I love the way she folds her legs up under her body, her enthusiasm for attacking any object that might be suckable, and how she purrs and sings in her sleep.

Her umbilical stump fell off today. When Sam's fell off, I left it sitting on the changing table for several weeks, unable to discard what I saw as the last remnant of the physical tie between us. Finally, when Coach asked if I had plans for the withered tissue or if it was merely decorative, I cut the metaphorical cord and tossed the physical one. I didn't procrastinate my trip to the trash can this time. But I did gaze at my sweet Grace for a few extra moments, hoping that the sheer force of my will could keep her little a little longer. I'll let you know if it works.


Tarimisu said...

Please do let me know if it works. I do wish there was some "stay little juice" we could feed them, or something . . .

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. She is absolutely beautiful.