Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I realize the Internet has been on pause waiting with baited breath for the big news of when Grace Haiku would roll over for the first time. Well, the time has arrived! At 31 days old, little Miss Grace Haiku impressed us with her precocious physical prowess.

That's all I have for the press at this time.


Lady said...

That sure is early!! Although there were two times early on that we left Piper on her tummy and returned to the room to find her on her back but I wasn't sure if she had had help from her older sister who is always dancing in the shadows. Her first witnessed time was this week at almost 4 months. Ainsley was a bit earlier at 7 weeks but 31 days is amazing!! What strength or a very heavy head! :)

Tarimisu said...

That's amazing! Just more proof that they grow up way too fast . . .

Ree said...

What a precocious child! Has Sam taught her to read yet?

Anonymous said...

Woah, baby! Grace, you beat your little cousin in the land of the frozen north, and she's five months!!!

perhaps JJ has been working on her smiling charm more, 'cause if she's cute enough, she is picked up, and who has to worry about all that rolling business, anyway.

She has the muscles, 'cause she can roll from her front or her back to her SIDE when she's demanding quick-fill foodservice, but she's never ever made it clear over.

Way to go, Grace!