Monday, April 14, 2008

Conference weekend in pictures

I thought I would compare Alton Brown's version of coconut cake to Paula's. Turns out I like them both a lot. But this one was definitely harder (took freshly shredded coconut, homemade coconut milk, etc.).

I'm a big fan of this block set. Sam and his friends who came over to watch conference made some pretty great towers. Later we made this city/train on stilts. It was freaking awesome, if I do say so myself.

Alaska* bought me this nice gift when she and the boss went to the yogurt store. In a new found coconutty mood, I had given them the direction to bring home something with coconut in it. Apparently not all coconut products are created equal. Who knew?

And finally, we got a piano! And boy were the missionaries surprised when they came for dinner and we told them before there woudl be any food, they had to carry the piano in our house. hee hee.
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Ree said...
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Ree said...

THIS is what I need to know: Is the gelatinous mutant coconut truly a "Tasty Joy?"

You really should have a cake blog. Or at least a coconut blog.

JennVan said...

Yum! The cake looks amazing. The part I like about Alton Brown is that he does show you how to do everything from scratch. Time consuming but informative. Which did you like more, Paula's or Alton's?

Coach said...

Super joy, yes. Tasty joy, debatable. Sometimes there's more joy in ridicule than in taste. A lesson of the ages.

Truth is Jennvan, I'm still acquiring my skilz in the kitchen. I'm not so great with the direction not to "overmix" things, and I think I did BOTH recipes a disservice by whipping them up with the Kitchenaide on high. So, I'd hate to pass judgement based on my own mistakes, but I think I did like Alton Brown's better (although it was more dense, perhaps due to glutination (see how savvy I am! (if not capable))).

Lady said...

I'm still gagging on the name!!!

Sayer from down at the Ho Spice said...

If there is more joy in ridicule, then I am full of love sweet love!

Nice blog, radiation boy!

Mrs. Donut said...

So . . . is it like coconut jello? What is mutant coconut, anyway?