Thursday, April 24, 2008


So Daisy's family e-mail the other day wished Javich a happy birthday: "Today is Javich's birthday, " she wrote. "Happy Birthday Elder Javich!" I appreciated her sentiment, but I thought that she had lost it a little bit, because her e-mail was dated April 22, and as indicated on my previous entry, and on my birthday blog to Javich two years ago, JAVICH'S BIRTHDAY IS APRIL 21! I let it slide because Daisy is younger than Javich, so she wasn't around to remember when he was born, as I clearly do, so who can blame her for being off a day or two?

Javich's birthday has always been easy to remember because it's the same day as Earth Day. Every year I think about planting a lima bean or something and telling Javich I did it in his honor and that's his birthday present and I hope he likes it cause I can't take it back. But I never have.

I did notice this year that Earth Day happened on April 22. "Interesting," I thought. "I wonder why they changed the date."

And then, yesterday, on April 23, the family e-mail from my parents went out, wishing Javich a happy birthday "yesterday" (which would have been the 22), and I'm all: "PEOPLE! He's on a mission, but he's not across the International Date Line or anything. HIS BIRTHDAY IS STILL ON APRIL 21!" And as I was wondering who I could call to back me up, (Javich? Not available by phone. Parents? Already compromised. Other siblings? Could be risky. They're always coming up with false memories, like me stabbing them with a fork or whatever.) I finally conceded to myself that perhaps it's my memory that's faulty, and that the whole world (including the Earth itself) is not conspiring to change Javich's birth date. Maybe (just maybe) he was worn on April 22 after all.

So I am hereby posting the following correction:

Dear Javich,

I hope that on April 22, you enjoyed a very pleasant day in celebration of your birth. I planted a lima bean in your honor. I hope you like it, cause I can't take it back.

I still love you, even though you were born a day later than I (apparently) think you should have been.



PS: If you need more proof that I'm losing my mind, I'll confess that during my Christmas visit with my parents, I had a minor debate with Dad about where we lived when Javich was born.
(I guess it wasn't so much a debate as Dad telling me the facts and me not believing him. ) I said New York; Dad said Maryland. I allowed for the possibility (however slim) that Dad might be right, but I wasn't conceding until we'd had a chance to check the facts with Mom. Turns out Dad was right. At least my parents' memories are still intact, even if mine's not.


Peanut said...

LOL! And while I noticed that this recent post was posted on April 21, I just just thought you were so on the ball that you were early! :)


Boss, you make me laugh! "Hum, they changed Earth Day this year." You silly! I didn't know about the whole lima bean planting and growing though. You've thought it for years and years and never told us until now?! Love ya!

Ree said...

Yep, you're losing it!

Boss said...

I'm not trying to argue with you or anything, Ree, but I think my post has proven that I'm not just losing it, but I lost it long ago. I've had Javich's birthday penciled on the wrong date for YEARS! How does that happen?

Mrs. Donut said...

Boss, I am laughing and laughing! You are so funny as you recount your memory loss. However, I don't think you should be so hard on yourself. I mean, you only missed it by ONE DAY! I am seriously impressed! I can hardly remember the actual months of my loved ones' birthdays, let alone the actual day or even the day before! You're my hero!