Monday, April 14, 2008

Just some photos

If you're going to work in the mines all day, you might as well put on a happy face.

Why do I look so happy, you ask? If you had a brother who was so great at fashion design that he could create this whopper of an ensemble, you'd be happy too.

Left over from birthday time a couple months ago. Still. Needed published. Also, I need to start a cake blog, apparently.

Nothing like an indoor botanical garden on a cold winter day to help pretend it's summer.
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Ree said...

Super Cute!

Peanut said...

I was just thinking that there haven't been enough pictures of your kids lately, and I was wondering if Grace has hair, and if I'd be able to recognize her if she did! :)
Thanks for the pics!

Lady said...

Love the ensemble!! Does he do private sessions for adults? I need some expert advice!

Mrs. Donut said...

Those kids are too cute! I wish I could see them in person!