Sunday, March 26, 2006

In [sort of] loving memory

Bruiser, our [sort of] beloved goldfish, passed away peacefully yesterday. Well, we assume it was peacefully as there was no screaming.

Near as I can tell, the bucket of water that I had left in the bathroom to adjust to room temperature may have received some additives from one of the other members of our household prior to my using it to freshen the fish tank. Freshen the tank it did--in what I thought might have been a particularly strongly perfumed scent for pure water. But alas, I did not know for certain anything was wrong until it was too late. Everyone here is [not really] broken up about it.

May his little fishy soul rest in peace.


B said...

Have you figured out what the additive to the freshening water was?
RIP Bruiser. He was a good fish!

Taffy said...

We will all miss Bruiser. Sorry for you loss. Watch out for additives in your water next.

Tarimisu said...

Will there be a memorial service? It seems that sharing a few loving words about the deceased helps to ease some of the pain, espcially if there is dessert served afterward. Much sympathy for your loss.

Peanut said...

I'm so [sort of] sorry for your loss!

Mark said...

Aren't you a little worried about the "coincidence" between the mafia aliases and the offing of your fish ... (mandolin music)

Look out for the Goldfisher!

Michael said...

Makes lent easier to celebrate
Fried or broiled?