Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Remember that one time? That was awesome!

As you may have deduced from my previous post, I'm doing a bit of de-cluttering in preparation for putting our house on the market and (eventually) moving. In the process I've unearthed lots of interesting stuff that I'm going to get rid of. Soon. But first I will share the highlights with you, Dear Internet.

First among the items of interest are several faded and waterlogged pieces of construction paper on which I made word collages--if you will--of all the funny memories, inside jokes and catchphrases tossed around with family and friends from roughly 1992 to 1994. At that time, I used these posters to decorate my bedroom. Let's reminisce together, shall we?
  • Look! A star!
  • Meet me in room 6!
  • I'm gonna sing that in the talent show.
  • I wonder if he's a good kisser
  • Armadillo/Bobcat Road
  • Saving the world
  • We'll take Pam!
  • I do not have a gun, let along many guns to necessitate a gunrack!
  • . . . so that's fake
  • Proud member of INSANE: InterNational Students Against Naked Envelopes
  • Civilization's nice and all, but I'll take a stretch of the woods any day.
  • I don't know about boys, I'm only 15.
  • "Not mental" is looking better and better as qualification for a significant other.
  • Ma'am! Fix your suit!
  • This doesn't leave the jacuzzi.
  • Revenge of the Tacky Police: The Movie
  • Surgeon General's Warning: Use of this product may cause swelling of the lips and tongue.
  • She'll rip your arms off!
  • Quit fooling around!
  • Don't make me spaz.
  • C! That's the way it begins!
  • Q: Boss, where are we? A: Janpo Jotyl*, we are in hell.
  • ODORS: Organization for the Destruction of Raunchy Smells
  • The guy from China called . . .
  • SNL rehearsals!
  • The Boss I knew was tough as nails, hard as an armadillo . . .

I share these with you now, in part, because those of you who knew me back then might find an item or two amusing. (And let's be honest. Most of you are related to me. So there's no point pretending you didn't know me.) But mostly I'm sharing them because then I can discard the scraps of paper on which these memories are recorded. Who's a packrat now, sucka?

*Names have been changed.


Tarimisu said...

I had forgotten all about Armadillo Road! I think I've still got my memory sheet in my rubbermaid. So hard to get rid of. One thing I still remember (and still use, though it's only funny to me) is, "Woah! That's a lotta stuff!" Oh, good times up on your roof, dressed in formal prom gowns, watching shooting stars . . .

Taffy said...

That was so much fun to read! "Ma'am, fix, your suit!" had me laughing out loud. How many of us were in that jacuzi anyway?

Peanut said...

I don't know how many of us were there, but I think something left the Jacuzzi!

Boss said...

I didn't leave the jacuzzi! (And boy, am I waterlogged!)

Pau said...

Well, even I recognized and had to laugh at a few of those; espeically that fake one.

Sarah Johnson said...

Just the other day I realized I also must confront the boxes of similar memorabilia (sp?). Thanks for the walk down great memory lane. I guess if I digitize all that stuff, it won't still be, "whoa, a lotta stuff." Thanks for making me laugh so much then, and now.