Friday, March 24, 2006

Sam's favorite movies

This is hilarious.

Sam thinks so too. He made me play it over and over again, pounding his little fists together (his baby sign for "more") every time it ended. I'm not sure if it was the jaunty music, the cute kid on the screen, or the fact that I laughed uncontrollably every time I saw it that made it so appealing to him. Maybe he just has a sophisticated sense of humor!

He also enjoyed this and this, and eagerly pointed out the "trr-ruck" and the "doggies" (which in this case look a lot like cats).



Tarimisu said...

Where'd you find those??? They ARE hilarious!!!! Oh, my, gosh I cannot stop laughing!!!

B said...

OK, so I just woke Kaitlyn I was laughing so hard! Those are hilarious!

Peanut said...

Very funny!