Tuesday, April 18, 2006


We just read The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night for my class, and I enjoyed it overall. It's a story told from the perspective of a child with a pervasive developmental disorder (like autism or asperger's). This boy doesn't like to be touched and can't interpret facial expressions or normal social interactions because of his disability. At perhaps the most alarming (or telling) part of the book, he describes his "happy" dream in which a virus kills off anyone who looks at or otherwise socially engages other people so that the only people left are like him. With nobody left to touch or look him in the eye, he can walk the streets and be alone. And that makes him feel safe and happy. And, naturally, gives the reader the creeps.

However, I sort of wish the people down the street would get the virus. Well, maybe not die, but perhaps get sick enough to move into the hospital. Okay, I'm joking. [mostly]

It has recently come to my attention that our neighborhood is full of white trash. And they are devaluin' the property!!!

Boss and I have somehow aged 50 years while in Iowa City. We have become the cranky old couple that don't like people cutting through our yard, or playing their stereo too loud as they drive by, or leaving all of their worldly possessions heaped in their driveway for weeks at a time and for no apparent reason. We had to laugh when we were driving down the "strip" in Coralville and we saw a police escort leading the way for a bus of basketball players coming into town for a game. We indignantly complained to one another about what a waste of community resources it was and how those police should be out fighting crime. Hee hee. And then we laughed at ourselves.

Now, if only I can make the prospective buyers of our house believe that the perpetually smoking and sunbathing neighbors next door are really just a hilarious thing...


Peanut said...

Can you put out a friendly neighborhood memo "Hey, we're trying to sell our house. Please keep your crazy to yourself until we've sealed the deal."?

Mark said...

Did you tell them neighbors to hide their "tomato" plants?