Monday, June 05, 2006

And they say kids never listen!


The scene: Coach and Boss's bed, just before Sam's bedtime. Sam is standing on Coach's pillow in a onesie, pressing buttons on the clock radio.

Boss (to Coach): Do you ever just look at him and think he's the most perfect little human ever? I mean, look at those chubby legs.

(Sam looks alarmed, glances down at legs, then looks at Boss, clearly insulted. He climbs off bed and leaves the room.)



The scene: The dinner table. The family is just finishing a meal of spaghetti and salad. Sam is shirtless and covered in noodles.

Sam: Messy hands. Messy messy messy messy messy hands.

Coach: Oh? Just your hands are messy? The rest of your body is pristine?

Boss: (laughs)

(Sam scowls at Coach.)

Coach: Don't scowl at me. Your Mommy's the one laughing at you.

Sam turns to Boss: Shhhhh! (Continues scowling.)


Peanut said...

Hilarious! I can't wait for Sam to come to my house and scowl and shhhh and be messy to his hearts content!

B said...

LOL! It is so fun to have kids! I t is so amazing to me how much they truely do understand, even if we can understand only half of what they say.

Keep having fun with your cute boy!

Ree said...

That Sam is so smart and funny. But those parents really need to stop insulting the poor child so!

Tarimisu said...

Aren't they funny? This morning Molly was mad at her dad for leaving and not taking her with him. She kept turning her head and closing her eyes and going, "Hmph!" It's like they're grown. I sure wish I could see that little Sam doing all those cute things! He's adorable.

Taffy said...

That is awesome! Thanks for sharing.

dani said...

I sure can't wait to meet all yall in a few more weeks (ok, 6 of them!) I love reading yer bloggin's! Thanks for sharing. I could even see these scenes perfectly in my mind's eye! :)

Sue said...

What a cutehead!

Crazy Horse Lady said...

LOL! Sam seems to like ot be clean like Dominic. Recently we were out and about and he talked our friend Maria into taking him potty. Now Dominic has known how to wipe for quite a while, but really doesn't like to because he doesn't like risking getting poo near his hands.

Turns out Dominic told Maria a little white lie in order to get her to wipe him. Upon questioning it turns out that Dominic has been telling everyone that he doesn't know how to wipe. When we talked about it and I asked him why he was telling all these nice ladies (and men) a lie, he replied, "I really don't like poop, and actually, they all did a good job."

Boss said...

What a hoot, Crazy Horse Lady! I especially love how they "actually" did a good job--as if he was skeptical about their wiping "skills."

Laundry Man said...

Hello Spick-and-span Sam. Glad to hear you are such a cheerful child because you must have used it all up then.

Laundry Man said...

Im Sorry, I meant that he had used up his crankyness then.