Sunday, June 18, 2006

Fathers' Day

Boss did a piece on her dear ol' dad not long ago. I didn't get much chance to chime in, so I'll start by saying I love and appreciate Ohio Dad as well, even though I personally have never seen him lick anybody. He's given me the greatest gift of my life (the Boss), and for that I have eternal gratitude. Thanks, Ohio Dad!

Utah Dad is my hero. He has shown me what it means to honor the priesthood throughout his life. He loves his wife and his children, and spends all his time and effort to serve them and others. Throughout my life my dad has exemplified a virtuous work ethic, given more of himself to his employment than was required, and spent loads of otherwise discretionary time in the service of the church and community. In the last several years I think he's been on 4 missions for the church. I could be wrong, what with him trying out a new one every time I turn around.

During graduation last month, my father visited to show his support despite the fact that traveling for my folks is somewhat burdensome right now. But they came anyway because they love me and knew that I would appreciate it. And although Utah Dad's silliness is not quite at the level of Ohio Dad's, he puts up with silliness he's subjected to all the time and remains a good sport despite great challenges to his dignity!

Not only that, but every time Dad has come to visit, our house is better off for it! For more than 2 years I've been dreading getting our rain gutters cleaned out. I have a ladder that is 15 feet or so, but our house is situated so that it is inadequate for getting to the gutters to clean them. And I have a compulsive need to avoid spending hundreds of dollars on a service that something deep inside me demands I can do myself. But, I would never have made it without Dad coming to my rescue. After being here a few days, not only were the rain gutters sparkling clean (having been tidied up during tornado weather!) but the circuit breaker was fixed, the bathtub drain worked again, and the kitchen sink no longer wiggled or leaked. And that's only the short list--he usually does much more than that but this time was limited with graduation!

Dad, I appreciate the great example of love and service you are and for the way you treat Mom with such respect and tenderness!

Happy Fathers' Day, dads.


Ree said...

Good Fathers like ours probably deserve more than one day per year. Don't you feel lucky to have two great dads? thanks for sharing your tribute.

Swansong said...

I would like to chime in and voice my complete agreement with what you have said. Seeing that Utah Dad is also my Dad, I feel I should also add to what has been said.I think it is not only your house, but all or our houses that have benefited from Utah Dad and his handy, quick fix abilities. It seems I am always asking for some bit of advice or help. We don't get to see him as often as we would like because he is always in the Temple or in the Family history center, but we all know that if we needed him he would drop everything and come. He came to our house the other day to help ordain our oldest. He is great and we all love him very much. I don't think there is a better Dad anywhere!!!