Monday, June 12, 2006

My week with Raisin, Sunny, and Jim

You may have heard about all the beautiful people and places to see in North Carolina from other bloggers. After being here six days, I can confirm that all of that is true. But I'd also like to mention one more selling point: North Carolina is fun, especially when you stay with my Aunt Sunny, her husband Jim, and their dog Raisin*.

There's lots to do here. We walk around the lake and feed the ducks, we swim in the pool, and play in the giant sandbox. When we're indoors I play with Raisin and practice my handstands.

Plus, the cuisine is excellent. This morning we had pancakes. I ate eight all by myself. My mom said I need to thank Uncle Mark for the recipe and Grandma for the syrup. Thanks ya'll!

It will be hard to say goodbye when leave in a couple days. But my daddy misses me, and I miss him too. So, I'll head home on Thursday, but only if Sunny and Jim promise I can come back again soon. I love you guys!

*Names have been changed by toddler whim.


Tarimisu said...

Sam, you're so cute! How were those eight pancakes? Must have been yummy! Hey, aren't you having a birthday pretty soon? Are you going to have some cake and stuff? Tell your Aunt Sunny and Uncle Jim and Raisin I said hi! Oh, and your mommy too!

Ree said...

Sam, I'm sure you ATE pancakes. But EIGHT pancakes? Maybe you are confused with your homophones. Or can you really count as well as you can eat? Sounds like it was a fun trip anyhow. Thanks for the report. Keep working on those headstands. Looking forward to seeing you next month!

Peanut said...

Eight is one of Sam's favorite numbers. Maybe that's why he wouldn't stop until he got to eight pancakes. What Sam didn't tell you is how excited he was about the prospect of pancakes. As soon as I appeared from my bedroom he ran up to me to tell me about pancakes. Also with every bite he said, "Yummm!"