Monday, May 15, 2006

The 31 Flavors of My Love

"The only consistently satisfying and profitable way to go is ice cream."
--L. Schmane Schmopkins,* circa 1999

  1. Toasted Coconut
  2. Mint Chocolate Smarty Pants
  3. M.D. Swirl
  4. Hot Bunny Tracks
  5. Bonsai Bonanza
  6. Homemade Lindor Truffle
  7. Computer Byte Brickle
  8. French Vanilla Kiss
  9. Silly Maple Nut
  10. Daddies & Cream
  11. Chocolate Fudge Royale Majesty
  12. Death by Chocolate Cake
  13. Gold Medal Settlers Champion
  14. Hot Fudge Sunday Nap
  15. Blogger’s Jubilee
  16. Witty Vanilla
  17. Photo Brickle
  18. Garden Soil Sundae
  19. Artisan Cheesecake
  20. Licorice-free Licorice
  21. Neapolitan Dynamite
  22. Peanut Butter Humanitarian
  23. Cocoa Mocha Caramel Compassion
  24. Rocky Road of Wisdom
  25. Free Offer Surprise
  26. Taco Fudge Ripple
  27. Creamy Caramel Treasure
  28. Bowl full of Blessings
  29. Chocolate Caramel Coach Crunch
  30. Sweet Sweet Sweetie
  31. Years Old Today
Happy Birthday Coach. I love you!

*Names have been changed through an undisclosed prime-number-based unbreakable 512 bit encryption code algorithm.


Ree said...

I know Coach likes tacos and ice cream. So do I actually. But Taco Fudge Ripple ice cream? Could you stomach that Coach? I hope it wasn't the highlight of your birthday.

Tarimisu said...

Happy Birthday, Coach! Birthday and graduation in one week - can you stand it?!
By the way, Boss, I think I may have cracked the algorithm . . . sorry. You can tell me if I am right - according to the system, would my name be Scmamy Schickle? Or am I just way off and need to reconfigure?

Taffy said...

Cute post! Also the quote at the opening of the post is deffinatly true. Happy Birthday Coach! (Ya'll really pack a lot of excitment into one week.)

Boss said...

Amy, I can neither confirm nor deny the accuracy of your code breaking. But I have to ask: Do you have access to a supercomputer? Is Scott's "math teaching" really just a cover for his top secret cryptography work with the CIA?

Malcom said...

Taco Fudge Ripple? Yum!

Tarimisu said...

Oh, um, hmm, er . . . we might forget my previous comment. Or delete it altogether. I don't know what you're talking about. Scott only teaches Undercover Algebra - um, I mean Freshman Algebra - and that's all. And though I hope you will come visit us in Houston one day, do not ask me to show you what is in the Supercomputer Compartment - oh, I mean, the shed behind our house. We're just regular people.

Sue said...

I believe Coach could enjoy a fudgie taco, considering the lovely orange sherbet prune smoothie concocted on a previous occasion...and actually consumed. (Aren't you glad I haven't forgotten that, Coach?)

Peanut said...

If taco fudge ripple is anything like a choco-taco, I'd eat it!

Coach said...

Orange sherbet prune smoothie just barely missed the top 31.