Monday, May 15, 2006

His Royal Pain

Boss has quipped, "I think I must be descended from royalty because I like it when people do what I say." Now I have verification that this is true for me. Mom and Dad were here for graduation and showed me a great website that will search to see if you are related to certain famous people. I punched myself up and found I'm 3rd cousins 8 times removed with John Adams, John Hancock, and Josiah Bartlett (signers of the Declaration of Independence); 6th cousin 3 times removed with Gordon B Hinckley and 4 times removed from Joseph Smith; and directly descended from such European royalty as Alfred King of England, Andras II King of Hungary, Bejela I Uros King of Serbia, Charlemagne Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, Charles II King of Naples, Charles III-V Kings of France, Christian King of Denmark, and that's only through the C's.

Wow. I knew there was a reason I started demanding that the Boss call me "Your Majesterial Sweetie" instead of just sweetie. Now she and Sam go ahead and call me Doctor Your Majesterial Sweetie. Terms of endearment ought to retain some piece of dignity, right? Oh, and I feel like I should go ahead and wear this graduation regalia from now on with the robe and hood--it seems only proper considering my pedigree.


Tarimisu said...

That sounds fun - both wearing the robes and demanding the honor that is obviously due at all times, and looking up if you are related to famous people! I looked at the website but I was a little confused about how to get started, because they wanted me to punch in numbers, and I followed the links and still don't get how to get going. I've actually been wanting to delve into my genealogy because one of my relatives did a family tree awhile back but didn't get that far; also, Scott's grandma is always researching the family's genealogy.

B said...

Well, Doctor Your Majesterial Highness

Does Boss have to say your entire name when she wants your attention...Doctor Your Majesterial Sweetie, will you take out the trash? (Or is that beneath your royal dignity?)

Congrats on graduating. Did you get a throne to go with the name, or just the pen and great duds?

Plus, you'd better start calling Boss a bunch of Majestic titles looks like she is related to half the royalty of Europe...Portugal, England, Spain France, Scotland, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Hungary, Serbia, Kiev, and Ireland, to name a few.

You go, Your Royal Majestic August Imperial Exalted Grand Boss of everything!

Coach said...

Yeah, I knew Boss was probably related to a lot of fancy pantsy people too, but luckily we didn't have her pedigree chart handy to do a proper inquiry right at that moment. Which set up a delightful imbalance in royal credentials, if only short-term. :-)

Amy, I should have included better instructions for looking up your royal forebears, but I didn't. So, here's the deal. If you go to and then click "search" at the top and put in a dead grandparent or two, you can find the AFN for those people. Then you can take that number and put in the website I linked to in the post. See if that works for you.

toby said...

That website is so cool. I found out that I am a third cousin to Billy Joe Cooter, famous Mayor of Bucksnort, Arkansas. I am also a fourth cousin to his wife, Sally Mae Cooter. Billy Joe & Sally were 2nd cousins. I am also a 4th cousin to the Mayor of Toadsuck, Arkansas, and I am a direct descendent of the man who founded Booger Holler, Arkansas. I also think that he was a great grandfather to Richard Petty, who is known as the King of NASCAR racing, so that pretty much makes me royalty! Bow down you peons!

Tarimisu said...

Toby, I am cracking up, because every place that you named, my family took me to on some sort of vacation or other when I was a child. You think I'm kidding, but I am SO not. I had a Toad Suck shirt (it was pink) that I wore every other day or so of my fourth grade year. So, thanks for the stroll down memory lane . . .

Anonymous said...

Can't pass this up. I know people who are one step closer to all the royalty and connections mentioned above. In fact, as I drove through Toadsuck, AR, I drove by the mayor's home! Ditto for Podunk, NY!

I stood 30 feet away from Bill Clinton in Benton, AR. I saw President Reagan on TV. I saw Queen Elizabeth ride by in her limosine. I saw Anna grovel before the King of Siam.

Do we need medication for all this royal pain?

Ree said...

I'll address you as Doctor Your Magisterial Highness, too. But only in honor of your birthday. Hope it was a good one. Also good job on graduating. Have you tripped on your robe getup yet?

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