Saturday, May 06, 2006

Origin and Destiny

Sam is blooming with spring. He says a bajillion words now. He asked me for a bagel for breakfast. He often will converse with great sincerity, although I must admit I'm not entirely sure what all the words are supposed to be. We still revert quite often to grunts and pointing.

Plus, he knows several letters of the alphabet. It should not be suprising to us that W is one of his first and favorites considering we have long been in the habit of spelling W-A-L-K. Here is a photo of Sam studying up on his letters with some light reading: Man, His Origin and Destiny by Joseph Fielding Smith. That's my boy. And he's got a destiny.

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That is so cute and adorable!!! I am always amazed at what words Logan says during each visit. Of course we only see him every other weekend, but he knows a lot of words! He is also very good at mimicking. During our Disney dinner date (pictures are still coming), Logan mimicked me right when one of our many group pictures were being taken. I don't remember anymore why I was quoting (not directly) Pinnochio, but I said, "I'm a REAL [girl]!" And that is exactly what Logan then decided he had to say so perfectly! I'm not sure whose camera got that picture. Anyways, Sammy is really cute and I LOVE that picture!