Sunday, May 07, 2006


Yesterday we had an open house. We were hoping someone would actually come and look at the house this time (as opposed to the one two weeks ago) thereby actually justifying our slaving to make the place presentable and then taking the dog elsewhere for an hour.

But this time rather than just making ourselves scarce during the open house, we decided to make it into an opportunity to relish a bit of Iowa before our imminent departure. We've been meaning to get back to Pella, a little Dutch-centered town south of Des Moines, since we first went there for a humanities reading retreat about 4 years ago. Yesterday, with the tulip festival in full swing, was finally the day.

Funnel cakes, Dutch letters, several chocolatiers, a tractor rodeo, dancing wooden dolls over 100 years old, and tens of thousands of tulips later, we returned home to find our house had been shown to one potential buyer. Plus our neighbor who just wanted to see inside our house. But, all in all, this open house was a great one because Pella provided a great time.


Tarimisu said...

Scott and I are SOOO jealous!!! I love Pella (where Scott and I met and where we got married) and we love Tulip Time! Did you see the dancers and the parades? Tulip Time is one of the most fun things ever. I'm glad ya'll got to go and that you had a wonderful time. The pictures are great! Thanks so much for this post! Although I do wish more people had looked at your house - like you said, at least you had a fun day out!

Uncle Daddy-O said...

Sounds soooo fun!
It's been 38 or 39 years since we visited Pella, and it still looks beautiful.
Good luck with the house!

Tarimisu said...

I was showing Molly these pictures last night. She got really good at saying, "Sam!" and "baby cute!" (first Eliza with Zach, not Molly with
Sam . . . ), but called all the tulips, "Apples!"